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Zion National Park boasts perhaps the most famous of the slot canyons in Utah - the Zion Narrows. Though this slot canyon ranks as the easiest to traverse within Zion National Park, it is 16 miles long and requires 13 hours to traverse. It includes slippery rocks, river hiking, and some swimming.

(It may very well be the longest slot canyon in the world). It is deep, dark and narrow, with plenty of obstacles to make it fun. It is not a technical hike, but is rated as strenuous because of its length. You do have to scramble over rocks and wade/swim potholes. Buckskin Gulch is located along the Utah/Arizona border, near Kanab. Best Hikes in Utah: 14 Epic Trails for your Bucketlist Like all of the slot canyon hikes here, keep an eye on weather and if rain is in the forecast, save this trail for next time. Hiking from Here to WOW: Utah Canyon Country – this is hands-down the best book for finding Southern Utah hiking trails. It covers all of the Mighty 5 National Parks and more. Great canyons for beginner canyoneers | Other

8 Amazing Slot Canyons to Explore in the American

Southern Utah has the densest population of slot canyons in the world with over one thousand slot canyons in the desert lands south of InterstateLocal as well as distant storms can cause dangerous flash flooding in slot canyons, and hikers should not enter them if there is any sign of rain in the... Exploring slot canyons in southern Utah - Album on Imgur Slot canyons. If you've seen 127 Hours, you'll know that these aren't a joke.Antelope Canyon is probably the best known slot canyon, and I don't think you're allowed to enter it without a tour guide anymore because entire tour groups have been known to be wiped out by flash floods.

Survival of the Littest. Exploring Slot Canyons in Southern Utah. For those of you that haven’t seen 127 Hours starring James Franco, slotWith that being said, I totally went to a lot of them while I was in Utah. The most famous slot canyon in the world is probably Antelope Canyon in Arizona, which...

A Guide to Exploring Utah's Incredible Slot Canyons Aug 01, 2016 · Explore the depths of Southern Utah. There is something magical and sobering about exploring slot canyons in Southern Utah.Hiking, swimming and sometimes squeezing through high sandstone walls carved by the elements over thousands of hundreds of thousands of years (you read that right) makes you keenly aware of how powerful the natural world around us is. Willis Creek Slot Canyon - Willis Creek Narrows | Visit Utah An added bonus, when compared to trips through other Southern Utah slot canyons like Peek-a-Boo/Spooky, The Narrows, or Antelope Canyon, it feels remote and secluded — you will likely only see a dozen or so other friendly hikers along the way. What Makes it Great. This is a gorgeous, easy hike with a minimal commitment of less than three hours.

... and Spooky: Two incredibly narrow, but non-technical slot canyons in southern Utah. ... Escalante is where it still takes a little work to reach the good stuff.

​A Guide to Southern Utah's Five Best Slot Canyons | Blog - Parry ... Only about 50 minutes away from Parry Lodge, Buckskin Gulch is one of the more famous slot canyons in Utah. Start at the Wire Pass Trailhead for a 3.5-mile ... Slot Canyons of the American Southwest - Utah, Arizona and California