What happens to retired slot machines

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Many slot players are continuously dreaming of hitting that big jackpot in slot machines. But many of them are not really sure of what will happen if ever they will ...

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The thread on what you miss about Vegas years ago made me renimisce about old, retired or hard to find slots. Which slots do you miss? For me:-Piggy Bankin' (reel)

Below are 5 tips that will help you with finding loose slot machines to hit a jackpot. The first tip that will help you to increase your chances of hitting a jackpot is to time the machines. If you are in a land based casino playing the slots then you can simply sit near the slot machine you are timing and watch the results. Did You Know These 7 Surprises about Slots ... Losing the first few times playing is the best way to never become addicted to "winning." No gambler ever wins in the end because slot machines hijack your brain and kidnap you from your family.

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What Happens When You Hit a Slot Machine Jackpot? The first thing that will happen is that the slot machine will lock up. Depending on the slot machine you are playing, there will be flashing lights at the top of the slot machine, some music will begin to play or bells will be ringing, and a message may appear at the screen saying "call attendant". Where do old slot machines go? | Yahoo Answers

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What Happens in Cases of Slot Machine Malfunctions at May 13, 2016 · What Happens in Cases of Slot Machine Malfunctions at Casinos? This is an issue that might best be taken up between the casinos and the slot machines’ software company. Perhaps the contract between the two should contain a manufacturer’s guarantee for compensation in the event of machine malfunction within a specific period after the ...